There is goodness there is reward

Try to be a good person is not easy. When I treat someone good, I expect to get good return too. I hope he or he will not let me disappointed,sad or hurt. But the expectations sometimes just only dream.Sometimes goodness is considered as weakness. When you are too good, too kind, too patient, others will think ” apologize words ” enough to make you calm. How many “apologize words ” could keep you a good person? Sometimes goodness is misused. You could be a victim because of your goodness.

The goodness have to be protected by self esteem. To be good does not mean lost of pride. Not all people deserved to get our goodness, at least we have tried to be good. But goodness become limited when others never respect it…
Keep trying to be a good person,rewards will follow.

Career or Family

Life is a choice. But sometimes I confuse to chose when facing problems.

I once very confuse when have to decide between career or family. Both are important for me. Having career is important because I can show that I’m able to work well and have good performance. And by have career also as one of my gratitude to my parents for their  hard efforts to educate me although they are not rich.

I tried to balance between career and family until one day my child need my attention more. I was still try to find way in order to keep my career but all pressure at work really could not be managed by me anymore. Resigned  is the best way.

I’ve never regretted to chose that decision because feeling of happiness to see my child growth and development really fill my heart.

But there’s one thing which still annoy my mind…feel on guilty to my parents because I can’t be their pride, I haven’t been able to support their life..

All About Healthy Vegetables

We all want to be healthy for our entire life. There are many factors which supports our health. By having knowledge about what we eat is one way. Because we get energy by eating,  so what we eat will affect to our body. Healthy food will give us healthy body.

As we know, vegetables and fruits are good for our health. Besides  high in dietary fiber, they are also source of lots of nutritions.  Lets see one by one here…

1. Bayam (Amaranthus sp)

Bayam (Amaranth) is one popular leaf vegetable. There are two types of bayam : bayam merah (red amaranth) and bayam hijau (green amaranth). Why bayam is good for our health? Cooked bayam are source of vitamin A and C as antioxidant which keep our body from free radical, source of thiamine,niacin and riboflavin . They also rich of  some dietary minerals such as iron,manganese,calcium, potassium, zinc,and copper.

Here are some of bayam benefits for health :

* Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

* Reduce high blood pressure

* Prevent anemia

* Prevent diabetes

*Improve the quality of vision

*Treating bleeding gums

But beside all benefits they have,we must be careful, cooked bayam can be toxic also.

Please DO NOT do these followings below:

a. Reheat cooked bayam

Bayam contain Fe2 (ferro) when react with O2 will be oxidized to Fe3(ferri) which is toxic.

b. Consume bayam which has been cooked after 5 hours

Besides Fe2, bayam also contain NO3 (Nitrate) when interacted to air will become toxic substance NO2 (nitrite).

c. Store too long

d.Use alumunium pan to cook bayam 

Alumunium, can react with Fe2 into toxic substance

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is vegetable from cabbage family. The best way to consume broccoli is to steam or boil them. But don’t process too long, approximately no more than 5 minutes to prevent lost all important nutrients and vitamins.

Broccoli contains vitamin C and dietary fiber in large quantities. They also contains glukorafanin which is natural form of anticancer compounds sulforaphane. Besides as anticancer sulforaphane also could prevents clogged arteries, may help activate certain antioxidants genes that remove dangerous free radicals from body.